„Reksio” Pet Hotel

we offer:

  • The hotel is open all year round
  • Individual approach to every pet
  • Enclosed paddock protected against dog digs
  • No extra fees for dog walks outside the hotel
  • The possibility of pet pick up / drop off at a convenient time for the owner
  • You are welcome to come & see us in advance
  • Constant contact with the owner during the pet’s stay (phone, email, photo diary)

We ask owners to provide dry or/and wet food for their pets. However, for a small surcharge, we can provide meals for your pet for the duration of stay. We supply Alpha Spirit’s semi-wet food.

For our safety and all animals staying in the hotel, we DO NOT accept pets:

  • without a valid and up-to-date health record
  • without the required vaccination
  • carrying infectious disease that can spread to other animals
  • in heat
  • in advanced pregnancy
  • puppies without vaccination

pet’s suitcase

Upon check-in at the hotel, the pet owner must bring:

  • a health record with current vaccination, worm and tick treatment
  • dry or wet food for the duration of stay (unless otherwise agreed)
  • collar
  • lanyard
  • muzzle (optionally)
  • favourite toy / teether


If you have any questions or you want to booking hotel please contact with us.

contact information

  • Szkolna 11/12
    95-083 Kazimierz (woj.łódzkie)
    We are near Łódź.
  • +48 506 154 644

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